As far as Maxx NASCAR Cards, and NASCAR Collectable Cards go, whether sports collecting cards for the fun of completing a set of NASCAR memorabillia or for profit in collecting NASCAR Trading Cards, you cannot beat this two (2) page value of 214 cards on the two NASCAR Card uncut sheets.

If the individual NASCAR Cards were cut out of the Uncut sheet, you would have the complete set of the 1994 NASCAR Cards by Maxx Chrome Cards – WITH ALL the HARD-to-GET COLLECTABLE CARDS – YES!    They are all here.

Individually looking at each Maxx NASCAR Card uncut Sheet by itself, is an experience worth the price of admission.

In full color and embossed with real chrome, these Maxx NASCAR Cards are totally gorgeous; and, anyone owning these NASCAR Cards would be proud to show them off to any of their friends. Hand held or framed on a wall these Maxx NASCAR Card Uncut sheets are a rare find for any collector to own or display as NASCAR Card collector cards.

They have NASCAR collectable card value and the uncut sheets have a resale value much more than what they are selling for, we feel, since we just want to place a great product that is no longer made, into your hands, and out of our storeroom.

As expected with a product like NASCAR collectable cards and more specifically, NASCAR trading cards, that are NASCAR collectable cards, there is little supply left for the NASCAR Collectable Card Fans – especially since these are direct from the manufacturer Maxx Cards, who was Licensed by NASCAR to manufacture these NASCAR Cards as NASCAR Card memorabilia or as NASCAR trading cards. These are those same NASCAR Cards and NASCAR trading cards before they were cut into individual cards and made into a NASCAR Card collector box set, but they are presented as NASAR card uncut sheets.

These are more rare, we feel, than NASCAR collector Card box sets, as these Maxx NASCAR trading Cards are on the two fully licensed uncut sheets that came straight off the Maxx Card printing press during manufacture and are in untouched mint condition; in fact they haven’t seen the light of day since they were printed, and won’t, until you, the collector and proud owner, open your shipment and take off the protecting sheet on the NASCAR Card Uncut sheet Chrome face.

It is by pure chance and happenstance that this treasure of NASCAR Cards uncut sheets is available today.

How long they will last is anyone’s guess.

NASCAR Drivers like:   

•Richard  Petty, “The King” •Kyle Petty, 1983 Burt Reynolds movie Stroker Ace apperance 
•Dale Earnhardt, Sr., “the Intimidator” •Jeff Gordon (Rookie Card), first driver to reach $100 Million in winnings
•Alan Kulwicki, “Special K” •Davey Allison, Bobby Allison, originated the “Alabama Gang”  
•Neil Bonnett, part of the “Alabama Gang” last photos •Terry and Bobby Labonte, 1994 the duo did a dual victory lap at Atlanta Motor Speedway 
•Dick Trickle, the “White Knight” •Junior Johnson, retired moonshiner, inventor of the “bootleg turn,” NASCAR No. 1
•Rusty Wallace, Winston Cup 1989 •Mark Martin, Rookie of the Year in 1977 
•The Burton Brothers, well known family men •Cale Yarborough, Winston Cup Champion, 1976,77,78 Consecutive
•Ernie Irvin, NASCAR driver most laps 1994 •Sterling Marlin, consecutive Daytona 500 winner two years

are on these cards celebrating the 1994 NASCAR Racing season.

EVERYBODY is HERE – in Chrome Beauty!