The Legends that made NASCAR great are on these sheets:

•Richard  Petty, “The King”

•Dale Earnhardt, Sr., “the Intimidator”

•Alan Kulwicki, “Special K”

Neil Bonnett, part of the “Alabama Gang” last photos

•Jeff Gordon (Rookie Card), first driver to reach $100 Million in winnings

•Davey Allison, Bobby Allison, originated the “Alabama Gang” 

 •Cale Yarborough, Winston Cup Champion,1976,77,78 Consecutive

•Junior Johnson, retired moonshiner, inventor of the “bootleg turn,” NASCAR No. 1

 •Mark Martin, Rookie of the Year in 1977 

 •Cale Yarborough, Winston Cup Champion,1976,77,78 Consecutive wins

They were not printed to be sold as NASCAR uncut sheets;  – they were printed TO BE SOLD AS NASCAR Trading cards, COMPLETE CARD SETS!

They were in a corner in a warehouse untouched 

Now that’s a collector item!

The set offered comes as two uncut sheets from the real Original Official, Licensed Maxx Card Company printing presses, uncut sheets that were never cut into individual cards.

•each uncut sheet has its own protecting cover on the chrome face to prevent scratches 

•30 day guarantee of satisfaction

•make great gifts 

•’The embossed in chrome’ touch is out of this world

 •In full color and embossed with real chrome, these NASCAR Card uncut sheets are a once-in-a-lifetime rare find for any collector to own, treasure or display

• amazing RARE find of QUALITY Maxx NASCAR cards as Uncut Sheets embossed in chrome. 

• great product that is no longer made (about 16 years)

•in untouched mint condition; 

SPECS:  Two original chromium NASCAR card uncut sheets, each measuring approximately 28×40 inches and are complete and double sided with 107 cards on each uncut sheet or 214 on the two NASCAR Card uncut sheets. These MAXX 1994 NASCAR Card uncut sheets have the complete 200 card set as well as the 14 card NASCAR Driver Alan Kulwicki Commemorative Set.