NASCAR has set the standard for the world of competitive driving and the athletes who drive these magnificent machines.

Maxx NASCAR cards are an excellent and wonderful tribute to these heroes of the track. In the Maxx NASCAR cards, the NASCAR racing car heros are captured in full color, embossed with chrome, and what we have, are these very same race car cards, but not a set of individual cards but as two uncut sheets that are Maxx NASCAR Card uncut sheets.

Somehow, during production at the Maxx Card Company, these 1994 Maxx NASCAR card uncut sheets never made it to the next step to get cut into individual 1994 Maxx NASCAR cards depicting the memorable 1994 NASCAR Racing Season.

We have the 1994 Maxx NASCAR Card Collectables in Chrome of the 1994 NASCAR Racing Series, “mint”, fresh, right off the Officially Licensed, Maxx NASCAR Card printing presses, as uncut 1994 Maxx NASCAR Card uncut sheets printed back in 1994.







1994 Maxx NASCAR Card uncut Sheets printed in chrome, offer NASCAR card collectors a high quality, affordable product as a post printing press Maxx NASCAR card uncut sheet from the Maxx Card Company’s Officially Licensed production lines.

All collectors know that with a Maxx NASCAR card collectable, there is a superior quality in the Maxx NASCAR card Chrome Series and definitely as NASCAR card uncut sheets. We are offering all this at our incredibly low price; in which, there exists a unique opportunity to own what was not available in 1994, but is, today.


Each complete set contains two (2) sheets, double sided (front and back)



The Legends oF NASCAR are all REPRESENTED

Richard  Petty, “The King”

Dale Earnhardt, Sr., “the Intimidator”

Alan Kulwicki, “Special K”

Neil Bonnett, part of the “Alabama Gang” last photos

Jeff Gordon (Rookie Card), first driver to reach $100 Million in winnings

Davey Allison, Bobby Allison, originated the “Alabama Gang” 

 Cale Yarborough, Winston Cup Champion,1976,77,78 Consecutive

Junior Johnson, retired moonshiner, inventor of the “bootleg turn”.

 Mark Martin, Rookie of the Year in 1977 

 Dick Trickle, The Purple Knight

Sterling Marlin, 2 time Daytona 500 Champion


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They were in a corner on a small skid in a warehouse untouched since 1994



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